wine and dine

Hotspot: Choux

During my last trip to Amsterdam I went for a late night dinner at Choux. The website didn't say that much, but the people around me did. The restaurant is ideally located for people from out of town, it's a five minute walk from central station. 

Natural wines with a 3 course dinner
We sat down and ordered a nice subtle red wine. Nice to know: all wines on the menu are natural wines. Since it was already past 9 PM we opted for the 3-course vegetarian flight. The tasty amuse with fennel was a great way to start our appetites going. As it should be. 

The entree 'green leaves from the garden' had a nice balance between oils and crunchy vegetables. As the main dish we enjoyed something the waiter called "a vegetable bouquet of bitter vegetables". These kind of dishes I always enjoy a lot. Simple, tasteful, playful. The dessert was an interesting choice. For us, it felt more like an entree than a dessert. Probably because of the beetroot. Espresso and some chocolate to call it a night. 

I'll be back
Choux has a nice casual atmosphere with dito staff. We paid 125€ including tip, which I found was neat pricing for the quality and quantity. I will definitely come back another time to taste some more and make my final decision about where this restaurant fits in my list of Amsterdam tips. 

(Honestly, after a day of working, walking and wandering I didn't write down all the menu details. That doesn't matter all that much, it's the overall experience and vibe that matters. Emotions over facts. I'll do better next time!)