Sleepover: ecolodges & house stays in Iran

Every country has their own way of staying. Some are famous for their hotels, others for hidden riads and sometimes it's best you Airbnb your way through. Not in Iran. In Iran you either opt for couchsurfing or stay in ecolodges / house stays. At least, I've been told that's what the adventurous people do. So off we slept! In Iran I stayed in 5 places and 3 of those I would definitely recommend:

Nartitee Ecolodge (Taft, Yazd)
This place. Ohh this place. It's as you're staying with your new Iranian family. Nartitee can host give or take 20 people. Together you'll enjoy the lovely garden (and the tasty fruits from the trees), Tina's fabulous home cooked meals and laidback evenings with tea and cookies around the fire. Good to know: Nartitee is based in Taft which is only 20 minutes from Yazd. 

Varzaneh Traditional Guesthouse (Varzaneh)
The owner of Varzaneh Traditional Guesthouse makes it his job to make you happy. It was such a pleasant stay and I felt very welcome. We went on a desert and salt lake tour with others from the guesthouse and enjoyed dinners and lunches here. Crazy chilled out courtyard that's perfect for naps and some reading. 

Noghli Historical House (Kashan)
Kashan is famous for its historical houses. One of the prettier ones is Noghli House. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet, drink coffees on the rooftop terrace and have homemade lunches or dinners. It's perfectly situated in the old town from where you can explore the rest of Kashan by foot. 

Where did you stay in Iran which is an absolute recommendation?