Project: Rotterdam International

Most of the people who know me personally are aware that I'm a huge fan of Rotterdam, the city I live in. I love its diversity, its rough around the edges kinda cool, its honesty, but most of all; the people. 

Rien and Jeffrey contacted me a while ago to start the Rotterdam International Instagram account with them. They were looking for someone who's as excited about Rotterdam and is strong in making both visual and textual content. 

Opening up in a positive way
I am really loving what we're creating. People are truly opening up about Rotterdam as an international city. It's great to hear some positivity around this subject. Reading and listening to the media you would thought that it was a hell living with 170 nationalities in one city. Spending time with all these interesting people has been a lovely trip. 

Check it out
So, if you have some spare minutes check out Rotterdam International and let me know what you think!