A trip down the digital memory lane

Recently I bought a new laptop. Yay! And when I was migrating my stuff from my old to my new machine I suddenly remembered the old iMac 27" that was eating dust in our storage. As impatient as I am I created an ad on Marktplaats to sell the old iMac (sold already!). But before I could do that I had to format the 1 TB hard drive. And what I found there...!

Old "new" gems
As you know by now, I've made the step to focus more on my photography. This will be next to my writing projects. The perfect combination don't you think? I've taken tons of new photos, but was curious to see what old gems my iMac was keeping. And I wasn't disappointed. Photos of my travels to South Africa, Namibia, Sri Lanka and Iceland were just waiting to be discovered. Find them all under Travel

The sad thing about the digital world is the loss of some offline products. I never make photo albums or print old scribbles. Going through your harddrive is like a trip down memory lane. And it wasn't only the iMac that I came across. I found backups of way older laptops and phones as well. You can lose yourself for hours reading old emails to lovers, laughing at embarrassing "model" shots of yourself and snippets of old diaries. 

When was the last time that you went to your digital gems? What did you find? Let me know!

A (not so) little Christmas get together

Last Christmas we decided to throw a little Christmas dinner. And since we can't do anything that isn't over the top and extravagant I documented it for our personal archive. It was a wonderful evening. We invited a few of our dear friends and simply enjoyed ourselves. Have a look!

Vegetarian Christmas meal
We served an almost vegetarian three course dinner and lots of extras. I have been a vegetarian for years, but since we had some hardcore meat lovers we opted for one meat dish. Most of us drank wine, but only after a red Vermouth to start the appetite. 

This is what we served our guests:

Mushroom caviar with crispy sage
Salad of chicory with blood orange, mozzarella and croutons
Main course
Risotto with fennel and lemon, pork roast with a creamy mushroom sauce, green seasonal veggies, green asparagus with bread crumb, red cabbage with apples, tomato red onion salad
Chocolate cake with ganache and forest fruits

The details are the design
The table was styled in a seventies Christmas feel. Including a red table cloth, starry napkins and branches of pine tree. We didn't have enough glasses, plates and other ceramics to give everyone the same setup so I made two tables with slightly different table wear. I was really happy we could show off the vintage Champagne coupe glasses (gold rim). The simple water decanter (with also the gold rim) was upgraded with a crimson ribbon. You don't need much to style your table. Some star shaped cookies, hand written nameplates, pine cones and you're ready to go! 

To wrap it up
To top it off we had coffee & tea that we served with chocolate truffle bonbons and a dessert liqueur. Between courses we surprised our guests with presents that were "hidden" under our extravagant Christmas tree. Isn't it the best to give and share?