My top 11 travel experiences

People often ask me 'What's the most beautiful country you've been?', 'Best place you've visited?' or 'you all time must go?'. It's a tricky question. It's as hard as naming your favorite movie or song. There's so much to choose! But here we are, back at it again with the lists. A countdown of my top travel experiences. There we go:

Bushwalking in Tasmania
I went to Australia for 3 months and ended up in Tasmania for most of the time. I fell in love with the landscape, the people, the food culture. All of it. Hobart quickly became one of my fav cities in the world. One of the best things to do in Tassie is doing the Overland Track. This short trek takes you through all different possible landscapes. Muddy forest, snowy peaks and fields full wavy leafs. This might be one of my all time favorite treks I've ever done. 

Sandy dunes in Namibia
I came to Namibia with zero expectations. And left the country with a bunch of inspiration and huge love for Africa. Especially Namibia. The red dunes, the welcoming people the animals. I felt instantly at home. Like I've been there before. 


Eye to eye with gletsjers
We drove around Iceland and ended up at Jökulsárlón. I've never seen anything like this before. Gletsjers in the colour white to all shades of blue. Magnificent. We spent quite some time watching them float by. Some parts ended up the black beach on the other side of the lake. No words.   


Enjoying unknown cultures in China
Somehow I ended up at Lugu Lake. Which was the best place I visited in China. At the time it wasn't a popular or well known place. So we were in for a treat. To get there took us what felt like forever. But then.. Double rainbows, biking around the lake, meeting the local people and learning about their customs. What really struck me was the Mosuo women. Seriously, read about this feminine driven culture some day. 

Walking on the foot of the top of the world
I've told you about the Everest Base Camp Trek before. It was such a great adventure to walk in the footsteps of the most badass mountaineers out there. Of course, we only did make it to base camp (5365 m) but I felt like I was on top of the world. 


Ticking stuff of the bucket list in southern Africa
I had a long bucket list. With all different things to do and see. In Africa I got 'rid' of a few of the must do's. I jumped out of an airplane above the Namib desert and jumped off the Zambezi bridge with a rope on my cowboy boots. Check. Never doing that again. 

Driving around with strangers in California
Some of the best travel experiences come from the annoyance of things like a canceled flight. That's how I drove from LA to Mammoth Lakes with the most eclectic bunch of people I could imagine. Age 22-82 we drove and discussed international affairs, green living, traveling and everything we saw on the road. 

Diving into the interesting food culture
Me and Sophia went to the Faroe Islands to make a story about the food culture. Whale hunting, fermentation, wind huts, salmon nurseries and no veggies or fruit in sight. Read all about it in ELLE Food. 

Motor crossing over the old Ho Chi Minh Trail
I went to Vietnam. Which was great. And then I decided to follow the old Ho Chi Minh road. I came across small tribes, communist souvenirs, the best noodle soup I've ever had and piece and quiet. 

Glamping in a stone desert
It doesn't sound cool, but it is. Glamping. Well only if you do it right, let's settle for that. My first trip to Marrakech brought me to Scarabeo camp in the Agafay desert. Well, pure magical. 


Spotting Geisha's
Japan offers so much. It's nature, food, culture, people, fashion. Everything really. I was in Japan for only two weeks and went to Tokyo (Oh mennnn, sooo super cool) and Kyoto. And when in Kyoto... With a little group of people we went geisha spotting. And we managed! Such a wonderful experience to hear them coming from afar. Their wooden slippers ticking on the streets, their jewelry making magical sounds, their voices careful and polite. Such a beautiful tradition to see in real life. Nothing like it. 

5 places you want to sleep in Marrakech

If you're searching for that mystical Arabian nights feel combined with luxurious settings, you're at right mindset travelling to Marrakech. I've had the pleasure visiting the pink Moroccan city twice.  

Dar Attajmil
A home away from home. No other cliche better describes this riad as a second home. One with pink walls, larger than life banana trees and the sweetest hosts you can imagine. We followed a cooking class with Fatima, enjoyed delicious home made dishes and slept like babies. Dar Attajmil is located in the old town (medina). It's a hidden gem, closed off behind a gigantic door. 

Scarabeo Camp
Just a short drive from Marrakech lays the Agafay desert. It's not a sandy place like the Sahara, but a stone desert. Here, in the middle of nowhere, you can go glamping. Scarabeo Camp has a wide range of tents. Your own tent, the dining area, a chill out tent, a lunch spot with a view and several spots where you can relax and enjoy the quietness. 

El Fenn
If there's one place in Marrakech that's absolute interior & exterior goals it's El Fenn. Purple velour couches, cacti, hand woven lounge beds and tiles everywhere. This place is a treat for all senses. I've had lunch and dinner here and both experiences were great. 

Beldi Country Club
A short 15 minutes outside Marrakech and you're at the gates of BELDI Country Club. This place is massive. You can walk around the courtyard, garden, swimming pool, patio and glass house for hours without getting bored. Don't leave without getting your typical Moroccan breakfast! 

Les Deux Tours
You can't go wrong with a private pool they must have thought at Les Deux Tours. So there we were, undecided about which pool to enjoy. The chef at the restaurant is quite known locally and serves a wide range of flavours - from Africa to Thailand.