Paris is always a good idea..!

The perks of living in Europe? Amazing cities are always within reach! Last weekend we took the car and drove the 5 hours to the city of lights. For wine, baguette, shopping and a lot of curious strolls. 

Eye for detail
We stayed at Hotel Bienvenue in the 9th. This looker is from the same hand as Hotel Panache, where I stayed before, and Hotel Paradis. The rooms are cosy and a bit noisy, but the eye for detail is - again - excellent.  

Food, more food and a lot of wine
Is it possible to eat badly in Paris? Don't know. Never happened to me! We went to one of my fav's: Le Mary Celeste. But also tried Le Richer, which is a new favorite. There were so many places I wanted to go. What is your must-eat place?

I had such a lovely time, I forgot to grab my camera to capture the memories in the making. But I did a few times. Have a look! 

Food on the trail

Well hi there foodie! As a diehard hiker and dito food lover, you'll have to make some decisions and concessions. You don't want to get sick, get a stomach ache, have low energy or feel unsatisfied. 

Being vegetarian
I've been a vegetarian for 13 years. I've had periods of being a pescotarian, but during my travels I usually stick to the plant based diet. Not without reason. You don't know who's cooking the food, where the animals come from, how fresh your dish is. Don't get me wrong; I'm not a scaredy type that evades street dishes. But.. when your main focus is hiking a trail you were dreaming about for years, you're better safe than sorry. Right?

Snack attack
When your breakfast/lunch/dinner wasn't all you expected, there's always this thing called snacks. Pack them! And do yourself a favour, don't stick to snickers, cliff bars and M&M's. They will bore you. And they will make you sick in the end. I'm all about snack diversity. Oven grilled chickpeas, dried fruits, trail mix, hard candy, gummy bears, mentos, peanut butter (packs), dates and Kendal mint cake. My ultimate favourite were the chickpeas. Mix it up and make one normal batch, one spiced and one salty.

Everest Base Camp 2016


Walking on carbs..

Emergency foods
There are foods that make you feel better and foods that do the direct opposite. At the hut where we stayed after Everest Base Camp I only managed to hold down Pringles and Coca Cola. Bless them. It gives you enough energy and kills germs and stomach aches that are bothering you. But the healthier options are ginger (tea), green veggies and lots and lots of water. Keep away from sour drinks, orange juice and alcohol.

Keep on drinking/eating
The key is to keep eating and drinking even if you don't feel like it. You need the energy. You need the sugars, carbs and warmth. You'll lose enough kilo's anyway, keep the body fuelled. 

How do you prepare your trek food-wise? Let me know!