city trip

Paris is always a good idea..!

The perks of living in Europe? Amazing cities are always within reach! Last weekend we took the car and drove the 5 hours to the city of lights. For wine, baguette, shopping and a lot of curious strolls. 

Eye for detail
We stayed at Hotel Bienvenue in the 9th. This looker is from the same hand as Hotel Panache, where I stayed before, and Hotel Paradis. The rooms are cosy and a bit noisy, but the eye for detail is - again - excellent.  

Food, more food and a lot of wine
Is it possible to eat badly in Paris? Don't know. Never happened to me! We went to one of my fav's: Le Mary Celeste. But also tried Le Richer, which is a new favorite. There were so many places I wanted to go. What is your must-eat place?

I had such a lovely time, I forgot to grab my camera to capture the memories in the making. But I did a few times. Have a look! 

Sleepover: The Dean Dublin

When in Dublin, do as the Irish: drink Guinness, enjoy your afternoon in the pub and spend the night at Dean's. Or rather; The Dean hotel in the city center. This super duper fun hotel is easy going and a great stay for your fun weekend away in the Irish capital. Continue reading for the full report:

First impressions
It was my first time in the land of rugby, Saint Patrick and U2. Just a short plane ride away and you're hopping on the quick bus (757) to Harcourt street. With luck, you're ready for the first round of beers within an hour of landing. The Dean is conveniently situated near the city center and important public transport stops. The hotel has this easy friendly cool vibe, like that friends that gets along with everyone. We could check into our superoom instantly. The room, #209 on the second floor, offers a large bed, two comfy yellow chairs and fun stuff everywhere. What I especially liked was the record player and the selection of vinyls in the room. Hello classics! With the tunes of Fleetwood Mac we got ready for the rest of the day. 

Food & drinks
The Irish are serious about their food and drinks. We ordered hungry and concluded quickly that the portions are a tad bigger than we're used to at home. But who's complaining with halloumi fries and nachos? Pub food? Check! After all that food we went for some shopping cardio. Something that's easy to do in Dublin. Then suddenly it was almost time for our reservation at Sophie's; the rooftop bar slash restaurant that's on the 5th floor of the same building at Dean's. The restaurant had great views of the city by night and was packed with gorgeous girls all dressed up and men who were ready to sweep them of their feet. The food was good, the service ditto but a little slow. It was very busy though!

Home stay at Dean's
Some hotel rooms you never really experience, but in our case we made the most of it. Breakfast in bed? Check! Roomservice and Netflix? Check! Drinking from the mini bar? Check! Waterfall showers whilst dancing to some records? Check! Jumping on the bed? Check! We felt freaking relaxed after two nights at Dean's. It felt like a sleepover at your BFF's house. Well, his name is Dean..! Just don't forget earplugs your new friends is a noisey fella (it's located in the heart of the nightclub area).

I would definitely recommend staying here as it is located very central and has an easy vibe. We'll be back Dean!

Sleepover: Hotel V Amsterdam

Countless times I've visited Hotel V at Nes for a breakfast meeting, afternoon drink or as a second living room whenever I'm in the capital city. That's one of the reasons why I was very curious about their newer hotel in Amsterdam Oost. This one opened late 2016 and is as beautiful as its older sibling in the city centre. I booked a night in one of the suites, here's my full report. 

First impressions
You can only make one first impression. Quickly after I entered the parking garage I saw a sign with my name on it. The simplicity of such a sign instantly makes you feel welcome. The lobby of the hotel feels warm and cosy and were full of beautiful peacock chairs (that I now need to have). I was early and couldn't go into my room, but I had a complete city to explore so that didn't matter at all. I left my luggage got some info on how to go from the hotel to my next meeting the quickest and left. 

Sound and safe
When I returned the personnel remembered me, which I think is very lovely. The suite is located on the second floor, all the way in the back (a corner room). Hallways to the rooms are guests only and only accessible with your room card, the key only works if your room is in that exact hallway. What makes sure there's less traffic on the floors (nice and quiet) and makes you feel safe. 

Pass out blissfully
The room. Oh men! Wonderful! Everything breathes relaxation and designed simplicity. The suite offered a large double bed, a relax area, working area and a nice walkin shower. Enough space to set up your stuff if you're working, to enjoy some well deserved me-time or to pass out blissfully. 

Misty mornings
We slept with the curtains open and woke up bright and early with a misty view of Amsterdam. Time for breakfast! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. And hotel breakfasts are even better. The breakfast is included in the hotel fee and The Lobby, the restaurant and bar area of Hotel V. Cravings were understood. Fresh coffee, and a pick of one savory item and one sweet. I opted for the eggs Florentine and French toast. A great way to kickstart your day. 

Sleepover gone great
We had arranged an late checkout the night before, so we had all the time in the world to walk around. Spot all the beautiful details in the hotel and spoil ourselves with our temporary home. Well rested and our bellies full of deliciousness we exited the hotel with smiling faces. A great sleepover. Of course I took loads of photos, have a look!

5 places you want to sleep in Marrakech

If you're searching for that mystical Arabian nights feel combined with luxurious settings, you're at right mindset travelling to Marrakech. I've had the pleasure visiting the pink Moroccan city twice.  

Dar Attajmil
A home away from home. No other cliche better describes this riad as a second home. One with pink walls, larger than life banana trees and the sweetest hosts you can imagine. We followed a cooking class with Fatima, enjoyed delicious home made dishes and slept like babies. Dar Attajmil is located in the old town (medina). It's a hidden gem, closed off behind a gigantic door. 

Scarabeo Camp
Just a short drive from Marrakech lays the Agafay desert. It's not a sandy place like the Sahara, but a stone desert. Here, in the middle of nowhere, you can go glamping. Scarabeo Camp has a wide range of tents. Your own tent, the dining area, a chill out tent, a lunch spot with a view and several spots where you can relax and enjoy the quietness. 

El Fenn
If there's one place in Marrakech that's absolute interior & exterior goals it's El Fenn. Purple velour couches, cacti, hand woven lounge beds and tiles everywhere. This place is a treat for all senses. I've had lunch and dinner here and both experiences were great. 

Beldi Country Club
A short 15 minutes outside Marrakech and you're at the gates of BELDI Country Club. This place is massive. You can walk around the courtyard, garden, swimming pool, patio and glass house for hours without getting bored. Don't leave without getting your typical Moroccan breakfast! 

Les Deux Tours
You can't go wrong with a private pool they must have thought at Les Deux Tours. So there we were, undecided about which pool to enjoy. The chef at the restaurant is quite known locally and serves a wide range of flavours - from Africa to Thailand.