Sleepover: Parc Broekhuizen

Just drive for one hour and you're a million miles away from everything you know. From the city we drove to the nature reserve in the Utrecht area. And suddenly in the far distant you can see Parc Broekhuizen. This estate was recently made into a hotel, but the history still seeps through its walls. A quick getaway that feels like a vacation. Isn't that what we all need sometimes? 

We were the only ones in the castle. Not that we would have noticed other people anyway. The interior is carefully chosen and the surroundings of the hotel are so relaxing. Unfortunately the kitchen closed early on Sunday, so we went out for dinner at restaurant Bentinck just a 15 minute drive away. Here we enjoyed lovely wine and tasteful dishes in the former horse stables. 

Short & sweet
Our stay was short and sweet. I would totally recommend staying here, but maybe on a "busy" day so you can really enjoy the kitchen and hotel vibe. Something we missed out on a little bit. Combine your stay with a trip to the city of Utrecht and a nice stroll through nature. You won't be disappointed!

Sleepover: Hotel V Amsterdam

Countless times I've visited Hotel V at Nes for a breakfast meeting, afternoon drink or as a second living room whenever I'm in the capital city. That's one of the reasons why I was very curious about their newer hotel in Amsterdam Oost. This one opened late 2016 and is as beautiful as its older sibling in the city centre. I booked a night in one of the suites, here's my full report. 

First impressions
You can only make one first impression. Quickly after I entered the parking garage I saw a sign with my name on it. The simplicity of such a sign instantly makes you feel welcome. The lobby of the hotel feels warm and cosy and were full of beautiful peacock chairs (that I now need to have). I was early and couldn't go into my room, but I had a complete city to explore so that didn't matter at all. I left my luggage got some info on how to go from the hotel to my next meeting the quickest and left. 

Sound and safe
When I returned the personnel remembered me, which I think is very lovely. The suite is located on the second floor, all the way in the back (a corner room). Hallways to the rooms are guests only and only accessible with your room card, the key only works if your room is in that exact hallway. What makes sure there's less traffic on the floors (nice and quiet) and makes you feel safe. 

Pass out blissfully
The room. Oh men! Wonderful! Everything breathes relaxation and designed simplicity. The suite offered a large double bed, a relax area, working area and a nice walkin shower. Enough space to set up your stuff if you're working, to enjoy some well deserved me-time or to pass out blissfully. 

Misty mornings
We slept with the curtains open and woke up bright and early with a misty view of Amsterdam. Time for breakfast! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. And hotel breakfasts are even better. The breakfast is included in the hotel fee and The Lobby, the restaurant and bar area of Hotel V. Cravings were understood. Fresh coffee, and a pick of one savory item and one sweet. I opted for the eggs Florentine and French toast. A great way to kickstart your day. 

Sleepover gone great
We had arranged an late checkout the night before, so we had all the time in the world to walk around. Spot all the beautiful details in the hotel and spoil ourselves with our temporary home. Well rested and our bellies full of deliciousness we exited the hotel with smiling faces. A great sleepover. Of course I took loads of photos, have a look!