Everyday things

Project: Rotterdam International

Most of the people who know me personally are aware that I'm a huge fan of Rotterdam, the city I live in. I love its diversity, its rough around the edges kinda cool, its honesty, but most of all; the people. 

Rien and Jeffrey contacted me a while ago to start the Rotterdam International Instagram account with them. They were looking for someone who's as excited about Rotterdam and is strong in making both visual and textual content. 

Opening up in a positive way
I am really loving what we're creating. People are truly opening up about Rotterdam as an international city. It's great to hear some positivity around this subject. Reading and listening to the media you would thought that it was a hell living with 170 nationalities in one city. Spending time with all these interesting people has been a lovely trip. 

Check it out
So, if you have some spare minutes check out Rotterdam International and let me know what you think!   

Hotspot: Bar Botanique

It's been all the rage on popular blogs and social media. Bar Botanique in Amsterdam. So when I scheduled a work meeting in the capital, it was easy to pick a spot. Bar Botanique is located in a cosy area of the city. The exterior looks inviting and the interior does as well. The entire place, it's a little crowded, is filled with plants and eye for design. 

Salted caramel, do I need to say more?
The menu had many options, but since I wasn't that hungry I just went for something sweet: the salted caramel pecan brownie. Divine! My table partner had a burrata sandwich that was looking mighty fine. Our wines didn't disappoint either, I know.. work meeting but it was three 'o clock on a Friday and they had a chilled pinot noir. 

Service-wise there's a lot to gain. It felt the ladies weren't on top of it and everything went wrong, and not only on our table. The upstairs area was still closed so I'm curious how they will manage if the entire space is full. 

Green oasis
Altogether Bar Botanique is a nice home-feel spot where you can work a little, eat a little, drink a little and enjoy a green environment in the middle of the city. Have a look yourself next time you're in town! 

A trip down the digital memory lane

Recently I bought a new laptop. Yay! And when I was migrating my stuff from my old to my new machine I suddenly remembered the old iMac 27" that was eating dust in our storage. As impatient as I am I created an ad on Marktplaats to sell the old iMac (sold already!). But before I could do that I had to format the 1 TB hard drive. And what I found there...!

Old "new" gems
As you know by now, I've made the step to focus more on my photography. This will be next to my writing projects. The perfect combination don't you think? I've taken tons of new photos, but was curious to see what old gems my iMac was keeping. And I wasn't disappointed. Photos of my travels to South Africa, Namibia, Sri Lanka and Iceland were just waiting to be discovered. Find them all under Travel

The sad thing about the digital world is the loss of some offline products. I never make photo albums or print old scribbles. Going through your harddrive is like a trip down memory lane. And it wasn't only the iMac that I came across. I found backups of way older laptops and phones as well. You can lose yourself for hours reading old emails to lovers, laughing at embarrassing "model" shots of yourself and snippets of old diaries. 

When was the last time that you went to your digital gems? What did you find? Let me know!